Minister’s response to EBSS Select Committee submission inaccurate and a distraction

On Tuesday 4 August the Minister of Building and Housing, Dr Nick Smith, reacted to a NBR request for his view on MBIE’s delay in issuing a determination on the earthquake prone building test case. His response attacked what we had to say to the Select Committee about the roles played by the NZSEE (and MBIE) in the implementation of…
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Select Committee releases ‘interim report’

On Tuesday the Local Government and Environment Select Committee released an ‘interim report’ on the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Bill. The report details a raft of changes outlined in Minister Dr Nick Smith’s speech last month. As we suspected, these changes still miss the mark on what is wrong with the current system. We will be publishing a detailed analysis…
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Minister’s new clothes update: ‘the dog ate my homework’

The classic schoolboy excuse for failing to hand in homework looks credible compared to the excuse that MBIE has made for not provided us with documents requested under the Official Information Act. In our analysis (the Minister’s new clothes) of the new seismic strengthening policies announced in The Building Minister’s speech in May we pointed out some ‘schoolboy’ errors  and…
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Test case update

Last Friday we attended a hearing for the test case. The hearing was run by MBIE officials and attended by Wellington City Council. Disagreement between the parties centered around the interpretation of key words in the ‘Meaning of earthquake-prone building’ s 122 of the Building Act: Ultimate capacity – EBSS contended that ‘ultimate capacity’ should be interpreted in accordance with…
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EBSS on Morning Report

This morning EBSS Chair Ian Harrison was interviewed on Morning Report regarding ‘the Minister’s new clothes’. You can listen to the the interview below or on the Radio New Zealand website (6’55”):